Belgium has created a fabulous track record of medical tourism, and has particularly highly-skilled specialists in IVF treatment.

Belgium lies within quick access to most countries in West Europe. The country’s medical and healthcare facilities provide short waiting times and ideal patient care combined with affordable prices. These are the main reasons why foreign patients flood the country’s hospitals.

Belgium discovered soon after moving here that it is among the world centers for fertility treatment. Among the best Destinations For IVF Abroad, Belgium Offers World-Class Fertility Clinics, Considerably Affordable prices, Plus Belgium is a Great Country For any Holiday in its Own Right.

Fertility Treatment in Belgium

Fertility Treatment in Belgium

Also justly famous like a Gastronomical Paradise, we do need to wonder if it is a coincidence that certain of Belgium’s other main special areas of practice in the medical tourism arena is within Weight-Loss Surgery.

Certainly, you will have little difficulty to find some of the most excellent beer, chocolate on the world, and the classic national dish of Moules Marinere, usually served having a side order of Belgian frites and homemade mayonnaise isn’t to be missed. And obviously you’ll have tried Belgian waffles, but to get them in Belgium is altogether another taste sensation.

Less well-known is simply how much culture and history there is found in Belgium. Did you know, for instance, there are more castles per square mile than elsewhere in Europe?

There is no shortage of entertainment for that young and young-at-heart in the modern, hip cities, for example Brussels, Namur and Wallonia.

IVF Cost in Belgium

IVF in Belgium will cost you around a third from the price that you would expect to pay in your own home, for instance the typical price for IVF with Egg Donation is usually around 60% to 70% cheaper in Belgium than you’d pay in the US, Canada or even the UK, whereas for IVF with Surrogacy and Egg Donation, a saving close to 60% is possible.

The lower prices are as a result of lower cost of living in Belgium, so that you can be assured that saving money on fertility treatment does not necessarily mean sacrificing quality or expertise from the IVF specialist.

IVF Clinics in Belgium

Of course, if you are organising IVF in Belgium on your own, you should make sure that you have done an acceptable amount of research. Otherwise, the easiest method to organise your fertility treatment methods are through an agent or referral service, because they will have vetted the IVF Clinics for you personally.

Gynaecoloqisch Centrum – Gent

Sint-pietersnieuwstraat,142 9000, Gent

We’re multidisciplinary medical specialist centre, with concentrate on the female and the couple. Personal interaction, professionalism, reliability , service in a confidentional atmosphere would be the keys to our success. The centre is situated at walking distance from the centre of Gent, and gets rid of a large parking. Surgery and childbirth are carried out exculsively in the Saint-Lucas General Hospital of Gaint. We provide the following treatments: Intrauterine Inseminations In-vitro fertilization Egg donation Iintracytoplasmic sperm injection Assisted embryo hatching Preimplantation genetic diagnosis Cryopreservation of embryos Cryopreservation of oocytes with vitrificationopy.

CHU Brugmann

place Arthur Van Gehuchten 4, Brussels, 1020

Using its 854 beds and 20.000 admissions each year, Brugmann UH is one of the largest hospitals in Brussels. Its assets ? Three complementary sites as well as an ideal size to deploy its activities and best possible service. Without counting a powerful social personality, a resolutely university character, a professional technical environment and constant architectural improvements. Brugmann UH remains among the rare hospitals with pavilion structure in Europe and, like a member of the Brussels public hospitals network IRIS, it adheres towards the patients charter. It is certainly one more guarantee to be well received.