Fertililty treatments clinics in Malaysia as part of the country’s medical tourism initiatives and how they are helping couples around the world to achieve their dreams of having a baby.The Centre has fulfilled its vision to provide advanced medical and technological support to couples with fertility clinics in Malaysia.

Malaysia has a good reputation for many types of medical treatments, and now has some of the best IVF clinics in South East Asia. The lower price tag for fertility treatment in Malaysia should not lead you to think that the quality will be less. The cheaper price is because of the lower cost of living in Malaysia, and the lower costs of infrastructure. In fact Malaysia has many extremely skilled fertility specialists and very reputable IVF clinics.

if you are organising IVF treatment in Malaysia by yourself, you should make sure that you have done a reasonable amount of research. Otherwise, the best way to organise your IVF is through an agent or referral service, as they will have vetted the IVF Clinics for you.Malaysia is one of the places where IVF has become an affordable treatment option for couples who are facing difficulties conceiving a child. There are many IVF centres in Malaysia where a typical IVF procedure will cost around RM10,000 to RM18,000 ( $3,000 – $6,000). With some private clinics charging up to $10,000 for just one attempt, those desperate to start a family may be torn between the stress of getting in huge debt and abandoning their dreams of becoming parents. More than 45,200 women in the US had IVF in 2010.

fertility clinics in malaysia

fertility clinics in malaysia

Best Fertility treatments

Malaysia is becoming an increasingly popular destination for fertility tourism as a result of a government initiative to promote and regulate healthcare for overseas patients through the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC). The MHTC works in close collaboration with the Association of Private Hospitals of Malaysia to offer high quality fertility treatment at competitive and affordable prices. There is legislation in place to ensure that international patients are not charged any more than domestic patients would be charged for the same treatment.Fertility clinics registered with the MHTC must meet stringent standards set by the Malaysian Society for Quality in Health and the International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQua). They also adhere to international standards such as those set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) on the handling of embryos, proper labelling, and how patients’ physical and emotional needs are met. The Assisted Reproductive Technique Services Act, addressing issues such as sperm donation, sperm and egg banking and surrogacy, is currently passing through the country’s parliamentary system in consultation with legal parties, religious groups, doctors and government departments.

Top Fertility clinics

Alpha International Fertility clinic

Alpha International Fertility Centre in Malaysia Located in Kota Damansara, Selangor (close to Kuala Lumpur) the modern, advanced and purpose-built fertility centre has the full range of fertility treatment options including PGD, Ma-CGH, Egg Donation, Egg Banking and Embryo Cryopreservation using revolutionary freezing technology & Therapeutic Laparoscopy.As the name suggests, at Alpha Fertility they have innovated many fertility treatment procedures and achieved a number of ‘fertility firsts’ along the way, both within the Malaysia/Singapore region and worldwide. And at AFC they are committed to making you and your fertility treatment their number one priority.Every couple is treated individually with a customised programme that caters for your specific needs. They will guide you every step of the way and ensure you are fully informed regarding every treatment option available.

TMC Fertility clinic

the TMC Fertility Centre has helped many couples to achieve their dreams of having healthy babies. The Centre offers a wide range of fertility services, with pregnancy rates comparable to the top centres around the world. Over the years, best fertility services have expanded across Malaysia with 5 branches located in Johor Bahru, Penang, Puchong and Kepong. In 2008, the main headquarters also moved to the best flagship hospital – Tropicana Medical Centre – for greater access for couples in peninsular Malaysia.

IIUM Fertility clinic

International Islamic University Malaysia Fertility Centre (IIUM FC) was established on 22 April 2004 providing Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) for infertility couple. The Centre started its first case of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) on 15 June 2009.IIUM FC has two separate operating places. First place is the IUI Clinic, situated at International Islamic University Malaysia Jalan Hospital Campus (JHC). Another is the IVF Centre, situated at International Islamic University Malaysia Indera Mahkota Campus (IMC).

KL Fertility clinic

KL Fertility Centre in Malaysia is devoted exclusively to fertility treatment and helping patients realise their dream of having a family. They have been providing fertility expertise for over two decades, helping couples have children across three continents. Dato’ Dr. Prashant KL Fertility Centre’s Medical Director has been a fertility specialist for almost 25 years and remains fascinated by the art and science of “making” babies. He continues to help childless couples achieve a successful outcome, but on a larger scale, is committed to making fertility treatment accessible to all Malaysians who need it.