One of the best destinations For IVF abroad, Belgium and Spain offer World-Class fertility cure & procedures clinics with considerably lower prices.

Going to abroad for medical tourism specially fertility treatments may very beneficial for parents who have no chil. Some abroad countries like Belgium and spain are one of the most rapidly emerging fertility medical tourism destination in all of Europe. The country has one of the best healthcare systems in the continent with medical treatments and services being 40 to 50 percent cheaper than countries like the USA and UK. There is a wide and well-connected network of private hospitals and clinics that have excellent service and ivf treatment standards. Almost all doctors can speak in English and are experts in their respective fields. Post care in hospitals and clinics are of international standards with no waiting time required for surgeries and other medical procedures.

Belgium’s medical institutions are also known for their excellent fertility clinics. Belgium boasts exceptional range of medical clinics and hospitals around the country. Belgium surgery services are well equipped with modern facilities. Medical travelers avoid the long waiting lists for medical interventions. The comfort of being hospitalized in Belgium and having cosmetic surgery or fertility treatments appeals to many medical travelers from all over the world. Doctors are well trained and experienced. All medical institutions are set to absorb the many medical travelers who come to Belgium for medical treatments. The cost of hospitalization in Belgium is 40% lower than in the UK or the US which makes it a very attractive destination for medical tourists.

Fertility treatments in Belgium

What does treatment cost for Belgian patients?

Belgian legislation regulates more than just the reimbursement conditions. The new act of 2007 regarding medically assisted reproduction provides an absolute age limit for fertility treatments. An egg retrieval can only take place up till the day before you turn 45. For an embryo transfer, the age limit is 47. In other words, you have to have had your egg retrieval before your 45th birthday in order to qualify for an embryo transfer later (with thawed embryos). As soon as you turn 47, you can no longer be treated in Belgium. For patients who fall under the Belgian NHS system the costs of fertility treatments are fully or partially (system of co-payment) refunded.

Belgian lab experiment could lead to €200 IVF treatment

Spainsh fertility diagnostic

Spainsh fertility diagnostic

A low-tech, simplified form of IVF currently being tested in Belgium uses baking soda, and has the potential to slash the cost of assisted conception, reports Reuters’ Ben Hischler. The process could bring IVF within reach of millions more childless couples around the world. The technique eliminates the need for expensive labs and incubators, which could cut the basic cost of IVF by up to 90%, experts predict. Combined with other measures it opens up the prospect of IVF costing less than €200 per treatment cycle – a fraction of the €5,000 average at modern European clinics. Yet the system is just as good as conventional methods at producing viable embryos, according to a “proof-of-concept” study. In fact, some of the best quality embryos selected by experts in the head-to-head comparison test conducted in Belgium were created by the “baking soda” technique. Although the new method is aimed at the developing world, it could also spark a revolution in the West, where access to IVF is restricted by the high costs involved.

Main results and the role of chance

Eight themes emerged after data analysis: medical expertise and testing, feelings and experiences, costs, trying out different clinics, travel and waiting times, treatments in the Netherlands, cooperation between clinics/physicians and laws and regulations. The analysis of shared patient experiences indicates that patients identify respect for the person behind the patient as the fundamental reason why quality of care is higher in Belgium. They define this respect as active involvement in the medical decision-making process, which is considered a form of patient-centred care.

IVF in Spain

For many people with fertility problems, the costs of both diagnosis of, and treatment for, infertility in their home country can be very high, and exceed their budget. Spain offers an excellent European alternative where foreign patients can find reputable professionals for significantly less than in countries such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, France and the United States. Are you seeking IVF in Spain? Most people from abroad come to Spain for egg donation or embryo donation. There are many fertility clinics in Spain and the vast majority are private. They are located throughout Spain and travel is very easy as many budget airlines fly to these destinations. The majority of people from the UK seek egg donation in Spain rather than any other IVF treatment. The egg donation clinics in Spain are set up to accept international patients for this type of treatment. There is clinic staff in place to help with queries and to coordinate treatment. Bigger IVF clinics will have an International department to oversee this aspect. Many staff members will be fluent in English so language is rarely an issue in Spain.

Since egg donation in Spain is anonymous, there are many egg donors and virtually no waiting lists. The donors are screened physically and psychologically. The majority of people who come forward to donate are rejected because of these high standards. Some clinics have frozen donor eggs which means that the synchronisation for egg donation treatment is easier. You can find out more about egg donor welfare abroad here. The clinics will match you up with an egg or sperm donor. Very little information is available about the donor except some details of physical characteristics. Sometimes, a match may take longer if there are specific characteristics to fulfil.

Spanish clinical professionals will attend to you in your home language so that any concerns that you have can be addressed properly without any chance of mistranslations or errors. Additionally, at Spanish infertility clinics the staff will treat you with great consideration, even helping you to choose and book your room at a hotel close to the clinic.