Fertility care in Belgium is available for national & international patients seeking to get best treatment at popular clinics with affordable prices.

Belgium is favoured because of its lack of waiting lists. This is mainly due to the flexibility built in the health care system. In addition Belgium boasts of low risk of problems associated with surgery and the risks of secondary infections. Tipically, a hospital in Belgium will perform with less than 0.5% secondary infection rates. Treatments like fertility in Belgium is available to national and international patients seeking health care and private treatment at affordable prices.

IVF treatments are used to treat infertility which is caused when there is a physical problem preventing sperm meeting an egg. One in every six couples has difficulty in having a child. Although as many as 80% go on conceive in the first year , with 90% conceiving within two years, but for the remainder, the only option may be assisted conception procedures such as IVF. A completed diagnostic phase is needed before treatment can be started. A full diagnostic investigation includes sperm analysis, andrological examination, and investigation of ovulatory, tubal, implantation, cervical and pelvic function via hormonal examinations, gynecological ultrasound, hysterosalpingography, hysteroscopy, endometrial biopsy, laparoscopy and post-coital testing. Psychological counseling and holistic support via mind-body medicine and psychological support is readily available to all couples.

Choosing fertility treatment is an emotional and financial commitment and finding the right fertility clinic is one of the main decisions. When seeking IVF treatment you may have already discussed your fertility problems or need for a donor with your GP. Now that you have decided to seek further help, the first decision you need to make is what clinic is best for you. There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a clinic and your personal preference will let you decide which factors are more important for you. The Human Fertilisation and Embryo Authority recommend that you do not base your choice solely on the ‘live birth rate’. “You should also consider the treatments offered how comfortable you feel with the staff and the surroundings, what information and counselling is offered, the cost, and the location of the clinic. Take your time before you make a final decision and explore all the available options.” Follow the best guide to discover the fertility clinics in belgium:

Belgium Fertility clinics and hospitals

ivf treatment technique

ivf treatment technique

Louise Medical Centre

A comprehensive range of medical services are provided at this state of the art centre located at Avenue Louise in Brussels, Belgium. Overseas patients are welcomed and offered treatments of a high standard by the expert and experienced team of medical professionals and allied staff at the centre. Late evening and Saturday appointments are offered for the convenience of busy patients. Services provided include general health examinations for men, women and children, emergency attention, paediatric medicine, aesthetic medicine and surgical procedures, weight loss assistance, anti-aging medicine, gynaecology and obstetrics and urology and andrology.

Saint-Lucas Hospital

The Saint-Lucas Hospital has chosen to cooperate with the University Fertility Centre of Gent. The intake of infertile couples, the ovarian stimulation and the ultrasound monitoring are performed in the Saint-Lucas Hospital or in the Gynaecologic Center Gent (private practice). The ovum pick-up takes place in the Saint-Lucas Hospital and the laboratory procedures (in vitro fertilisation and embryo transfer itself) are performed in the IVF-laboratory situated in the University Hospital in Gent after transport of the oocytes in a specifically designed transport-box (It has been shown that the oocyte transport does not influence the IVF-results). We perform about 500 pick-up’s per year, with an average pregnancy rate of about 30 to 35% per cycle (in Belgian patients, we are not allowed to replace more than 1 embryo in a first attempt). The advantage of a transport-setting is that we can personally follow each couple, still having the benefit of using a laboratory with maximal expertise. This is not possible within a large university hospital, where it is custom that ever changing doctors and assistants care for the same couple, since a university hospital primarily has a teaching function.

Aalter Fertility Centre

Helping couples with infertility start a family is the focus of the team at the two clinics run by this group. The clinics are located at Ghent and Aalter in Belgium. Services of a high standard are offered for patients from overseas by the expert and experienced team of gynaecologists at both clinics. A detailed consultation with the couple is scheduled at first and all treatments discussed before treatments begin. Services provided include general health assessments of patients, counselling, treatments for male and female infertility and assisted reproductive services using the IVF procedure.

Fertility Centre Brusses

The FCB stands for a personal, high-quality approach to fertility problems for couples who are not able to achieve pregnancy by themselves. The center works closely together with the gynaecology department of Sint-Jan clinic, the Cebiodi laboratory and the university fertility centre of UZ Leuven. The center combines university knowledge with an accessible and patient-friendly fertility clinic. The centers works according to the one-to-one principle. One doctor and one midwife accompany you throughout your journey. Your fertility doctor helps you make the right decisions and carries out all IVF procedures himself. Your fertility midwife monitors you closely and ensures that you understand everything properly.

Amala Espace Naissance

Fertility treatment in belgium

ivf test

Brussels in Belgium is the location of this clinic where an expert team of fertility midwives help patients with infertility conceive. High quality services are provided for international patients at the clinic. All services are provided in conjunction with the advice of qualified gynaecologists and obstetricians from a well- known and well-equipped hospital in Brussels. Alternative healthcare services are also arranged if required by patients. Services provided include pre-natal and post-natal care, osteopathy, acupuncture, counselling, general health examinations, treatments for male and female infertility and midwifery assistance during birth for patients.

Treatment costs

The can be a huge variation in IVF costs in belgium, with clinics quoting prices from as low as a thousand pounds to over ten thousand pounds. Some countries are cheaper than others, and some clinics which have good international reputations can cost a lot more. As well as the price quoted by the clinic there are many other costs to include when trying to calculate the total cost of IVF in belgium. Medical costs often not included in the quoted clinic price include the cost of drugs and internal scans. Extra non medical costs include travel cost to your destinations and accommodation whilst you are there. There will also be the cost of phone calls to your clinic from the UK and calling home during your treatment. Lastly there are living costs to consider whilst you are abroad. Whilst individually each item may be low cost it can soon mount up.