Spain offers an excellent fertility service as its legislation is more flexible than in most other European countries, and its success rate for in vitro fertilization and egg donation is also high.

Spain is also very popular. In the cities, twisting old streets open out to views of daring modern architecture, while hundred year old bars serving wine from the barrel rub shoulders with blaring, glaring discos. Travel is easy, accommodation abounds, the climate is mild, the people are relaxed, the beaches are long and sandy, and the food and drink are easy to come by and full of regional variety. In short, Spain is a great place for getting infertility treatments abroad.

Fertility Clinics In Spain

Fertility Clinics In Spain

Many patients find that choosing a fertility clinic is a daunting task. Some clinics are big, some are small, some are very famous, others have been around for years, and others are little more than a doctor’s office and a lab. If the patient searching then decides to start looking at people’s opinions on internet then they really get mixed up because no clinic has perfect reviews. It is basically a technique of producing test-tube babies in which the fertilization is conducted outside the womb and there are lots of hospitals and clinics in Spain creating families by offering this treatment. Here are top five IVF clinics of the country:

List of Fertility Clinics in Spain:

IVF Marbella

IVF Marbella is located in Marbella in Spain. It was opened in 2012 and is a private clinic. In 2014 it carried out 200 treatment cycles of which 65% were egg donation cycles. The clinic believes their small size means that they are able to offer personalised, individual patient care. Their philosophy is to personalise each patient’s treatment according to their personal needs. Their aim is to maintain a close relationship with each patient in order to attend to every detail and resolve any doubts that may arise.

ProcreaTec Fertility Clinic

ProcreaTec Fertility Clinic is located in Madrid, Spain. It was opened in 2008 and is a Private infertility clinic. In 2014 it carried out 600 treatment cycles, and the majority of these (66%) were egg donation treatment cycles. The clinic spreads over several floors of the building and inside it is bright and modern. There are two laboratories and one theatre for treatments, and two ensuite recovery rooms.

The medical team comprises of 6 full time doctors, 4 embryologists and a number of nurses, coordinators and reception staff. Many of the staff speak fluent English so communication should never be a problem. The Medical Director is Dr. Rut Gómez de Segura who obtained a Medicine and Surgery degree in Gynaecology in 2000 from the University of Alcalá in Spain.

Clinica Tambre

Clinica Tambre is located in central Madrid. It is a short walk from the Metro. It is located in a quiet residential street. The decor inside the reception area is bright and clinical, but uniquely, the recovery rooms (with en-suite facilities) are decorated to feel like bedrooms and provide a more homely feel. There are several laboratories, each with different functions. Clinica Tambre has the largest and longest running sperm bank in Madrid and provides samples to other clinics all over Spain. They are experts in male diagnosis and treatments.

FIV Center Madrid

FIV Center Madrid

FIV Center Madrid

FIV Center Madrid was founded in 1998. It is a private centre. The clinic was initially located in central Madrid, and then moved to Aravaca, which is just outside Madrid. The building is very modern and spacious. Inside, the decor is very pleasant and contemporary. The consulting rooms and treatment rooms are large and bright. The laboratory is a good size and well laid out.

HC Fertility Center

The High Care (HC) Fertility Center is located in Marbella on the Costa Del Sol. This is a private establishment which was opened in 2008.

HC Fertility Center performs under 500 treatment cycles a year and about 40% of these are egg donation cycles. The Center believes that their smaller size benefits patients as they are able to offer personalised individual care. The fertility center is completely integrated with the Gynecology and Pre-Natal Units of the hospital providing patients with continuity of care should it be required.